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Corona rules

For your and our safety

Dear customers,


We may open!

We are of course very happy with that!

The waitinglist has now increased considerably. We try to help everyone as quickly as possible by freeing up as many places in the agenda as possible.

We will complete the waitinglist by starting with rescheduling appointments with the customers that were canceled first and so on.

We understand of course that you want to be helped as quickly as possible, but we do want to comply with the rules. So you may still have to be patient.


Current measures according to the Corona law:

  • Only access to the shop if you have an appointment.

  • Cancel your appointment in case of complaints such as fever, cough or cold. Or if a housemate has a positive result.

  • Come to your appointment alone.

  • Upon arrival you must disinfect your hands (this is present).

  • Wherever possible, keep 1.5 meters away from other people.

  • No matter how neighbourly we think it is, until further notice it is not allowed to come by to chat, hang out or have a cup of coffee.

  • It is not possible to walk in and schedule an appointment.

  • Both the tattoo artist and the customer wear a face mask.

  • An additional condition is that a health check takes place at customers.

  • Contact professions are obliged to ask customers to register for source and contact research by the GGD in the event of an infection.

  • Customers register on a voluntary basis. If a customer does not want to register, that is no reason to refuse access.

  • Data may only be used for source and contact research.


We look forward to welcoming you to our shop! We really missed this creative and social aspect !!


See you soon!

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